Gate Styles & Applications

Vertical Pivot Gate or Traditional Swing Gates options available

Maintain privacy and security at home or in a gated community.

Automatic gates and fences are a critical part of any perimeter security system. Vertical pivot gates (VPG) provide many unique advantages and features. Lazy Gate has a patented vertical pivot gate system that makes installation, setup and maintenance extremely simple. With 50 years of experience, Lazy Gate is the preferred vertical pivot gate system of the DIY community. Vertical pivot gates are perfect for applications where space is limited. They pivot or tilt from a single point, so you do not need to worry about a large swing area like traditional swing gates require. The vertical tilting gate runs of AC or battery power with solar charging options for maximum convenience. Because each of our vertical pivot gates are custom made in our shop, we guarantee the highest quality. Our vertical pivot gate systems minimize points of failure by removing all pullies, cables and belts from the system. Belts and pullies need regular maintenance and regularly fail.

 We use a brushless direct drive swing gate motor in our vertical pivot system that is designed to work for 35,000 hours or 5 million cycles and has an integrated battery backup. We have a proprietary and patented system that converts the swing gate operator into a vertical pivot operator. This allows us to use much less of a footprint compared to traditional vertical lifts with the huge wheels and pulleys, or the hydraulic style that needs lots of babysitting. 

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